Do you sometimes feel that your problems are overwhelming and you are having difficulty coping? You may feel confused, troubled, and anxious. You may benefit by talking to someone about your situation.

Counselling can instill hope and facilitate change. It involves working with you to develop and achieve goals that can help you strengthen your relationships, work towards growth, and enhance meaning and purpose in your life.

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Psychological services

Lorne Pierce, MA, R. Psych. (CPBC No. 1646)
Providing services to adults and couples
in Abbotsford & to residents of BC.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic psychotherapy can be by telehealth for any resident of BC or in person at the Abbotsford  office
(face masks are still required upon entry).

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    Coping with Stress
    Anger Management
    Post Traumatic Stress
    Internet Addiction


    Blended Families
    Stress Related Illness
    Meaning and Purpose

  • Couples

    Relationship Issues
    Couples' Communication

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Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating. Learning to better manage your thoughts and behaviours can lower your anxiety and depressive symptoms.


Romantic relationships can be a source of strength and fulfillment, but they can also result in stress and difficulty. Couples' counselling can help you improve your relationship and work toward a better life.


Whether enhancing your parenting skills, helping your children manage separation/divorce, or working through family issues, family counselling can help you to better your family life.

anger & stress

Learning to manage anger and stress appropriately can help you to become more assertive, learn to relax more, and help you become a better decision maker. It can also help improve your mental health.